Turn Heads This Christmas with my 
6 Week LBD Challenge starting Saturday 10 November 2018
Get ready to:
  •   Feel amazing in your LBD?
  • WOW friends at the Christmas Party?
  • Shape up and turn heads this Christmas?
  •  Do the work and reap the rewards?
  • Rise to the Challenge and ROCK THE PARTY SEASON?
Hi, I'm Bev Thorogood

I'm a health coach and personal trainer based in the UK.  

That was me last year, heading into the Christmas season feeling happy and confident in my LBD.   

But for many years I dreaded the party season.  

I'd leave everything until the last minute then panic as nothing I wanted to wear would fit.  I'd feel ashamed and embarrassed and angry at myself for not doing something sooner.

Thankfully there's a heck of a lot you can achieve in 6 weeks with the right help and the right commitment.
Just £197 £167
for the full 6 week programme
What You'll Get from the Challenge...
  •  Direct Coaching from me.  You won't feel like you're alone.  Support is essential,  As well as my guidance and encouragement, I'll also give live, interactive group coaching sessions every week and access to an exclusive Facebook Group purely for LBD Challenge members.
  • An Easy to Follow Plan: No more confusion about what can and can't be eaten.  I'll give clear instructions on what and how much to eat.  It's all about eating real foods, in the right amounts tailored to individual needs so Challengers are never left feeling hungry or deprived yet still get the results they want.
  • Clear Workout Plans: Get a strong, toned body with weekly workout programmes and a live workout each week, plus exercise demo videos to help get the most effective results quickly.
  •  Daily Recipes and More:  No need to stress about what to cook, Every day I'll give a new recipe as well as shopping guides, cooking tips and much, much more.
  •  The Chance to Win Back the Cost of the Challenge:  As an extra bonus I'm offering to reimburse the whole cost of the Challenge to the Challenger voted 'best transformation' - can't beat a bit of competition to keep motivated!
Be in with a chance to Win back the cost of the Challenge 
Just £197
for the full 6 week programme
Places are Limited to Just 30 Committed Women!
I only want to work with women who truly want to change!
Only apply if you're ready to make some Changes!
Time is running out, start now and enjoy the 'WOWs' this Christmas!
Gail 52 from Lincs
Gail worked with me for 16 weeks and lost 31 lbs.  BUT she lost the first 10 in just 7 weeks and we were taking it slowly!  She was committed and did the work - and she got just the results she was looking for.  Imagine what you could do in 6 weeks if you did the work too?

"7 weeks on I'm 10lb lighter, am actually enjoying the exercise and loving trying new foods, and re-discovering how easy and satisfying it is to cook from scratch – I've ditched the jars! 

There were moments when I was skeptical. There was no way I'd have time to cook a breakfast in the morning but you know what – it really doesn't take long to throw an omelette, smoothie or pancake together. The joy of feeling full and not reaching for the biscuits or crisps mid morning is a huge eye-opener!"

Pauline 54 from Lincs
Pauline wanted to drop a dress size and feel better about her relationship with food.  Despite a long term back injury she put in the time to do the exercise and commit to the programme and she reaped the results, dropping the dress size she wanted and looking gorgeous in her size 12 Ted Baker dress?

"I first met Bev Thorogood online and when I discovered that she did coaching for health and fitness I wanted her help. She had transformed her own body and is a similar age to me so I thought she would understand my challenges.

She is incredibly warm and her enthusiasm shines through. After our initial consultation she told me to focus as much on getting sufficient sleep and reducing stress as on my diet and exercise. This was not the advice I expected and frankly I was sceptical. But I have to admit she was right.

I dropped the dress size I wanted to ready for a wedding. I am also more energised and better able to cope with a stressful job."

Pauline has a very busy job, that means she's away from home and living out of a hotel for 3 to 4 days each week.  But with the right commitment and a determination to succeed she got the results she was looking for.

"Bev’s advice and checking in has been invaluable as a motivator and given me accountability too. 
I feel so much better in myself with more energy and my clothes are fitting better too! 
Thanks so much for helping to activate me on my fitness journey."
Ruth, New Mexico
“I'm now around 11 or 12 weeks in and my current loss is now 8.3kg (or for you old fashioned types 1.4 stone!) I am so proud/pleased/happy with the results and I am determined to keep going until I reach my target.

Thank you Bev for your support and believing in me, truly, if I can do it...........anyone can !!!”

Pete, Cambs
"Your assistance in my goal to get lean has been invaluable. Your nutritional advice and mentoring have helped me to lose 6.5Kg up to now and I know I will continue to lose as long as I stick to the plan you tailored to myself. After years of putting on the pounds, I now feel in control once again and you have been the catalyst to this achievement. Many thanks for your continued help and support."

Paul, Cambridgeshire
YES!  I want to Turn Heads This Christmas ....
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