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Embracing the Butterfly Years

How to Manage the Midlife Change so you can make the 
Next Chapter of Your Life the Best Chapter of Your Life!

Free Masterclass
Tue 12 Feb 19 @ 8pm GMT
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Bev Thorogood
Hi there

I'm so thrilled you're ready to take control of your midlife and find out how to really live the healthy, balanced life we all strive for.

But maybe you're wondering what makes me an authority on this subject?

Well, as a Midlife Transition Coach, as well as a midlife woman, I know exactly how it feels to have no energy, low confidence and to feel like my life was a complete rut.

In a job I disliked and a body I disliked even more, when I saw myself in a photo following my 50th birthday, I didn't even recognise the woman staring back at me.

I felt old, frumpy and out of condition and to top it all my menopause had kicked in.

I knew I needed to make some BIG changes but wasn't sure how to start, or even what I wanted to do with my life.  I just knew, I didn't want to continue living the life I was living.

I went in search of my Butterfly Years as I like to call them.  The Midlife Change feels a bit like we  a metamorphosis - as though we are entering a midlife chrysalis where we get to redesign and redefine the life we want to live - enabling us to Embrace our own Butterfly Years!

Over the next couple of years I retrained and upskilled, qualifying as a Master Health Coach, Nutritionist and  Personal Trainer.  

I've spent literally thousands of pounds learning all about why our bodies react the way they do as we hit midlife.  I've worked tirelessly for the past 2 years figuring out how to distill all this information into a simple, easy to apply format so that I can share everything I've learned with women, just like you, so you don't have to spend all that money or waste one more minute of your precious midlife!

I've developed a framework that I've called the NEST Method, that acts as a compass to help us find balance and wellbeing in all areas of our life - mind, body and soul!

In this FREE Masterclass, I'll be teaching you as much as I possibly can in the time available, so that you can start to incorporate the NEST Method into your daily life, and find the health and happiness you seek.
Disclaimer:   The information in this training is for educational and information purposes ONLY.  I do not claim to cure or treat, diagnose or prescribe in any way.  I am not a medical doctor and you are strongly advised to seek clearance from your GP before embarking on any health and fitness regimen.

In this Masterclass, 
You'll Discover:
  •  My Unique NEST Method to help you find balance in all areas of your Midlife and beyond.
  •  My top strategies to help you eat well, move better and have the energy you need to live the life you deserve.
  •  The physical, biological and emotional changes that you go through as you enter the Midlife Change
  •  How to really create a healthy balance in life and cut through the confusion and mixed messages given out by the media!
  •  Practical exercises to help manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • How other women, just like you, are regaining their confidence and becoming visible once again!
What Women Are Saying
About Working With Me
Bev’s advice and checking in has been invaluable as a motivator and given me accountability too. 
I feel so much better in myself with more energy and my clothes are fitting better too! 
Thanks so much for helping to activate me on my health and fitness journey."
Ruth, New Mexico

"Thank you Bev for a brilliant online coaching session today. I feel that you answered all the questions I had, and that you made me realise that we are all individuals and just a few small tweaks will help me achieve the results I want. 
Thank you again Bev I really enjoyed our chat."

Polly, Tyne and Wear
"Bev has a great way of getting straight to the bottom of any issues that could be stopping you from living a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle. She has and is still helping me no end. I am collecting a lot of tools in my arsenal to live the life that I would like and I am certainly enjoying the journey."

Dalia, North West
Free Masterclass
Tuesday 12 Feb 19 at 8pm GMT
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